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Welcome to Outer Cape Auctions and Galleries.  We have been representing sellers and buyers of Provincetown and Cape Cod art since 1999.  We do not list with any auction listing services*. We do however record auction results of our auctions in the Artist's Records section (click button above).

PLEASE READ:  VERY IMPORTANT!!!  My email account has changed to:  Please use this email address for ALL correspondence.

IMPORTANT:  Due to exceedingly high cost of my sister website,, I am in the process of combining the 2 sites into one.  I was being charged upwards of almost a 100.00 a month for the other site due to the large amount of images and information.  It grew so large that I could not even edit the site through Microsoft Frontpage.  That said, please be patient as we realign the 2 sites into a comprehensive single easy to navigate website.  Thanks, Terry

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Some of the many highlights available for purchase TODAY!

Remo Farruggio  

Show Stopper by Remo Farruggio
First time offered to general public, directly from
the estate of the artist!
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Largest painting by Remo Farruggio.  If you are looking at a blank trophy wall in your home, you definitely need to see this painting.  It is STUNNING and a trophy for any home!
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Another bold abstract oil for your consideration.  You can own it today!
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Earliest painting currently offered.  Bold, brilliant and beautiful.  Directly from the estate for your collection.
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Bonnie Whittingham  

Purchased several years ago in an ASGCC auction, the seller has left the country.  Rare opportunity to own this large stellar oil.
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Hi Friends and Art Collectors: 

I have decided to hold off on any additional art auctions until 2014.  I have been and continue to focus of private sales. Since 1999, I have amassed a great list of serious collectors of certain artists (ex:  Anne Packard, Robert Cardinal, Henry Hensche, Ross Moffett, Karl Knaths and so on) so I invite all sellers of Provincetown art to please consider using OCA Auctions as a possible path to sell important works.  The advantage to private sales is a higher selling price, higher net to sellers and most importantly, a quicker pay out to the seller.  If you feel you have a piece of art that falls in the category of 'fine art' and would like to explore the possibility of using OCA Auctions, then please email me at and include full details and any images that would be useful for me to evaluate the feasibility of OCA Auctions representing you on the sale of that work.

I will keep you all updated on the future auction dates here and through emails.

Thanks, Terry


Important note:  Due to a technical issue with Microsoft Frontpage 2003, the software I used to create this massive website, it has in effect, locked me out of my website, the location of all the artist's records and biographies.  I have not been able to update any pages in that site.  Once I find the solution to my glitch, I will update and correct all items that need updating.

Terry's Artful Birdhouse Sculptures

Click on above image to view the various birdhouses I have created.


Find out what so many people already know....Outer Cape Auctions will make you TOP DOLLAR on your quality early and contemporary Provincetown Cape Cod  and New England artists.  Every auction we set a new world record for at least one artist! 

    In auctions, the buyers are the ones that set a value to a painting: the good and great paintings bring in the top dollar and our buyers are very knowledgeable about the art market.  In fact, Outer Cape Auctions does everything possible to further educate our buyers in that regard.  We are the only auction house that researches and list artist's biographical information.    We also offer to our buyers free auction registration, free paddles, free color catalogues (average catalogue is 28 pages), free hot beverage service, free next day local delivery and more.  Outer Cape Auctions has at one time or another or currently holds the world record in auction for: Henry Hensche, Ross Moffett, Karl Knaths, Helen Sawyer, John Hare, Ada Rayner, Jerry Farnsworth and so many others.  We are a specialty auction house dealing only in art, predominantly from the early and contemporary Provincetown, Cape Cod, New England (North Shore, Gloucester and Rockport) and established American artists. 
This is why we have been so successful representing the past and present of Provincetown, Cape Cod and New England since 1999.    And our buyers and sellers know it!  Call 508.487.7281 or email us for free auction estimates and information.  
We offer the quickest payback, terms, conditions and dealings.  We pay within 15 calendar days of the auction and when we say we will pay you...WE PAY YOU!  After all, it is not OUR money, but yours!
Have a star painting?  A painting we call "the museum piece"?  We are prepared to pay you up to 105% of the selling price of this work in auction.  Want to know more?
Are you a museum, art association, organization that has acquired works of art?  Are you thinking of *de-accessioning part or all of the works?  We have extremely attractive terms for such organizations, paying up to 100% of the hammer and MORE!
Are you a patron of such a non-profit institution?  Do you donate such works to these organizations to help them cover their cost?  Donating to them offers them 100% less the cost of selling the work(s).  By consigning to us, you can give these organizations more in CASH by consigning these works to us.  After all, selling art is our business.  After all, what these organizations really need is CASH, not art work. 

*disposal of collections through sale, trade, or research activities is solely for the advancement of the museum's mission. Proceeds from the sale of nonliving collections are to be used consistent with the established standards of the museum's discipline, but in no event shall they be used for anything other than acquisition or direct care of collections.

 CALL 508.237.5257 or Email Link

Thanks, Terry Catalano, Owner
8 Pearl Street, Provincetown, Ma.  02657, 508.237.5257

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